It all started when...

In 2013, our Founder, Mike Carey established Rebloom with the initial intention of growing his buy to let portfolio. After purchasing an apartment in Liverpool city centre he quickly realised that there was a risk in making a reasonable return on his investment due to the lack of control over the building and the added costs that were present due to the lack of good service offered by the management company.

Dissatisfied with his predicament and knowing that many thousands of other investors and apartment owners would be in the same situation, Mike decided to buy an apartment in the worst building with the highest service charge he could find, with the objective of managing the building to get a reasonable return on his investment, and the investment of the other owners in the building. 

The result after 1 year was the establishment of a new managing agent, Rebloom, for the building.

1 year on...

Following 1 year of management by Rebloom, the building with the highest service charge in the worst state that Mike could find showed a 25% increase in flat resale values and rental values were higher than the market average for the area. This was achieved with a 28% reduction in service charge costs & the setup of a reserve fund of £40,000 where non had previously existed. A great success.

Going through this experience made it apparent that a standard doesn't exist to objectively assess a building in terms of its quality of life for residents, return on investment for owners or by which to measure the quality of performance of managing agents.

To address this, Rebloom worked with a number of credible agents, including fire services, police departments and local authorities to define the 5 Star Communal Building Rating. By championing the rating, Rebloom has been able to help its managed buildings follow a journey of improvement, starting with knowing where they are and what needs to be done to get to the 5 star rating.

5 years on...

We now manage 35 developments ranging from 6 flats in a refurbished house to 100 + flats across merseyside & greater manchester. All of our growth has been by recommendation and something we intend to continue with.

The increasing regulation in the area of leasehold/ block management is welcome as it drives minimum quality standards and improved building quality. We partner with professionals in this area and in leasehold law to ensure we are continually delivering the highest service standards to our clients and residents.

As we grow, we aim to achieve our vision of a world where people feel safe, healthy and happy in the place that they live.