Our Mission:

To make every communal building a safe and healthy place to live.

Since 2014, we have helped 150+ leaseholders take control of the management of their building and resolve leasehold issues.

We help you reduce your costs and build a sense of community, bringing residents together with shared aspirations, values and experiences. Our approach promotes a strong sense of mutual commitment and obligation which in turn promotes your development as a ‘good place to live’.

We believe that all flat owners should have the freedom to choose their management company and all management companies should be accountable to owners for the service they provide and costs they charge. This happens when a Right to Manage (RTM) company is in place.

It is your legal right to form a Right to Manage company and we can help you to do so.

management of 550+ units and growing

We manage a mix of building sizes, locations and types. From 3 apartments in a converted house in the suburbs to 100+ apartment buildings in a City centre. All of our management activities follow strict standards, delivering a safe & healthy place to live and improving the Quality of Life for all residents.

The mix of investors & owner-residents can result in conflicting priorities, but by following the Communal Building Rating (CBR) framework and delivering our services in a timely and effective manner, all parties benefit from the improvements we deliver.

80% of buildings fail basic health & SafETy standards

Throughout our time managing buildings, we have encountered that a shocking 80% of buildings do not meet minimum health & safety standards (a requirement for 1 star on the Communal Building Rating). If we are to maintain quality homes for people, we must improve on this statistic. This is why, to achieve our mission, we now offer an assessment and consultancy service to facilitate improvement in buildings not managed by Rebloom.

Three ways to describe Rebloom: Honest, knowledgable and always working in our best interest.
— Martin Gee, Princes Gardens