Here's just a small sampling of the properties we've helped to improve over the years.


  • Rating on engagement (2014): 1 star
  • Current Rating (2017): 3 star
  • Leaseholder target rating: 4 star (2018) - 5 star (2019)

The Mono Building is an 18 unit, on street, city centre development. In 2014, there was minimal security, poor communal areas, a leaking roof and drug issues within the building. These issues were accompanied with a very high service charge, no reserve funds and low rental and resale returns.

The first thing we did was to support the leaseholders in gaining control of their investment via the Right to Manage (RTM) process. After 2 and a half years, Rebloom has been able to upgrade the communal areas, upgrade security and created a quiet, welcoming environment for residents. This has resulted in improved rental and resale values by +25%. Rebloom has been able to accomplish this while also lowering the service charge by -22% and the building now has a healthy reserve fund. 


  • Rating on engagement (2015): 1 star
  • Current Rating (2017): 2 star
  • Leaseholder target rating: 4 star (2018) - 5 star (2019)

Princes Gardens is a large, gated, garden development in the heart of Liverpool. In 2015, the gardens were poorly maintained, lighting issues in communal areas and the car park and a problem with drug use within the buildings and gardens. The previous service charge, while low, was unsustainable and poorly implemented, meaning that any work done was to a poor standard and didn't benefit the residents or leaseholders.

Rebloom supported the leaseholders through the Right to Manage (RTM) process, giving the control of the building and investments back to the leaseholders. After 2 years, Rebloom has facilitated the switch to LED lighting in communal and parking areas. A new CCTV security system has been put in place and the gardens are maintained on a regular schedule to increase the value of the properties and provide a nice place to live. Recently, Rebloom has also built specific compost and waste facilities on site, saving the leaseholders +£2500/year on waste removal. All for a management fee that is the equivalent to the price of a cup of tea per week.


  • Rating on engagement (2015): 1 star
  • Current Rating (2017): 2 star
  • Leaseholder target rating : Maintain 2 star

West Street is a collection of 100% investor bought units in an old part of the city, with a target market of low income tenants, needing to keep costs low but also meet health & safety requirements.

After under-going a Communal Building Rating assessment, Rebloom identified key areas where standards weren't meeting regulatory requirements. By putting a structured plan of action together, Rebloom was able to meet these requirements and achieve the investors' goals while also keeping costs low.


  • Rating on engagement (2015): 1 star
  • Current Rating (2017): 2 star
  • Leaseholder target rating : 2 star

Courtenay Road is a small suburban property that has been re-developed in Crosby. After years of poor management with little interest shown by managing agents due to the small size, the leaseholders wanted a change in approach. They wanted to keep costs low but also to take ownership of their property. To do so, Rebloom worked with them to create a bespoke part self managed, part service managed site agreement.

Rebloom is now helping the leaseholders to acquire the freehold and maximise their return on investment.