When Mike founded Rebloom, it was with a simple goal: to make every communal building a safe & healthy place to live.

The problem with this goal, is that while we knew what had to be accomplished in order to make a building safe and a healthy place to live, we found that the mountains of legal paperwork and specifications that are commonly used were not only inconsistent across local, regional and national areas but also confusing to understand. We knew there had to be a better way.

The Communal Building Rating is a framework for evaluating communal buildings based on a number of criteria that have been established by Rebloom. This was done by working with a number of credible agents, fire services, police departments and local authorities.

Over 200 different factors are taken into consideration.

With over 200 different factors taken into consideration, we look at 9 major areas that define what rating a communal building has. These are: 

  • Health & Safety

  • Management Capability

  • Compliance

  • Security

  • Value for Money

  • Community

  • Resident Satisfaction

  • Leaseholder Satisfaction

  • Freeholder Satisfaction

We set up the Communal Building Rating to ensure that every factor is equally weighted, so that each building can be objectively rated and compared. This highlights where further investment is needed but also prevents investment in a single area to the detriment of another. We also knew that different buildings/developments have different capabilities for investment. This is why the ratings are all relative, with the first step being legal minimums (for example fire safety) and all subsequent levels being achievable with the right level of relative investment and work.

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