West Street RTM Management Update

Best wishes to everyone at the start of 2016

This is an update on the key activities in 2015 and plans for 2016 for 60 West Street, Warrington.

Recap on 2015

We had a fresh start to the year in January with West Street RTM Company Limited taking over from Regent, with Shaun Rowley and Alan Munn as directors and ourselves – Rebloom as managing agents.

The Building

During the year the focus has been on bringing the building up to minimum regulatory standards.
This has been achieved by addressing fire safety regulations, installing emergency lighting and obtaining an electrical safety certificate.

The cleaning, which happens monthly has contributed to an improved environment, with a significant reduction in litter and furniture/ mattresses being left in the corridors.
All other activity was related to small repairs, upgrade of the letter boxes, fixing doors.



During 2015 we were still paying off legal fees associated with the removal of Regent. Regent themselves made several challenges to recover additional monies from 2014 of £6,500. Although not confirmed we have successfully challenged their claims on your behalf and would not expect any payment to be made in the future.

In 2015 we were keen to give you certainty on your costs and move away from the Regent approach of chasing you for additional funds at the end of the year. We are pleased to confirm that we have achieved this aim and it will always be our intent to manage the development within the budget agreed at the start of the year.


Plans for 2016

The Building

The front of the property needs attention, specifically, soffits, bargeboards, gutters and the front door.

The options are;

  1. To repair and paint
  2. To replace the soffits etc with plastic and the front door with a new secure door.

The objective of the above being to improve the kerb appeal and reduce costs in the longer term.

Internally the building could do with repainting at some stage.

If agreed we would look to use surplus funds to carry out the above work.

We would welcome your view on the above and your suggestions for the improvements you would like to see in 2016. Please feel free to email us at info@rebloom.co.uk, quoting reference: ‘WS improvements’.

Health & Safety

The design of the building necessitates refuge bins to be left on the pathment in West Street. Apart from the aesthetics they also present a fire risk as they are often close to ground floor apartment windows. There is no solution to this problem. However, we will provide each resident with fire / health & safety guidelines and working with the main letting agent – KeyLettings ensure future tenants will have this information.

To help us to keep our health and safety records up to date, could you please complete the following   fire risk assessment questionnaire.


We propose to extend the current financial year to 31st March as it will allow accounts to be produced that are more closely aligned to the tax year. It also has the added benefit of gaining a 25% saving in accountancy costs as we will have the same cost for a 15 month period as we would have had for 12 months.

From April 2016 we hope to reduce the service charge you pay and should be in a position to confirm the new budget and resulting service charge in February. At the end of March we hope to have a surplus of c£3,400
Service charge payments for Jan – March of £187 are due now for payment to:
West Street RTM
sort code: 163424
account: 11142351
ref: WS [your flat number]

Separate invoices will be issued shortly and service charge accounts together with company accounts will be produced after 31st March.


Your chance to input and set the direction

We will arrange a web call in February so that everyone can view the proposed budget and input ideas and comments prior to its finalisation. But should you have and points t raise before then or at anytime, please feel free to ring me, Mike Carey on 07873 511849.

Improving our support to you…

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve our communication, service or information we provide to you.

Don’t forget: All related building information is on your web page . ( Your received an email with your username and password early in 2015)


Thank you all for your support in 2015 and we look forward to hearing from you in 2016.