Renaissance Building RTM registration

As a flat owner within the Renaissance Building, Wood Street, Liverpool you have the right to manage the development, either directly or via a management company that is answerable to the owners for the service charge costs and the quality of service provided.

Unless you exercise this right, the building may not be managed to the standard you require and consequently you may not get the resale or rental yields you desire.

Following an approach by an owner in your development we at Rebloom are exercising the Right To Manage process on your behalf. For this process to continue we require a minimum of 50% of owners to engage and become members of the Right To Manage company that will be the vehicle to improve the management and reduce service charge costs.

The first stage of the process is to gain your agreement to engage and obtain further information prior to becoming a member of the right to manage company.
In registering below you are under no obligation to engage further in the process, but you will receive further information and an invite to a call to answer questions.

Any questions please email