Moving out of a rental property is more than just locking the door and walking away.

At least it should be if you are to recover your deposit and avoid additional costs and potential difficulties renting your next property.

Moving Out Day
Moving Out Day

If you want to make sure the move is hassle free, you get your deposit back, don’t receive any unexpected costs in the future or are refused a loan because of a down grading of your credit rating, there are 3 simple steps to take.

  1. Know what you need to do before you move.

    You may be surprised at what needs to be done.
    Use our ‘Before you move out’ advice guide and checklist.

  2. Know how to protect yourself against unscrupulous landlords and agents on the day you move

    Don’t leave in ignorance on what may happen.
    Use our ‘The day you move out’ advice guide and checklist

  3. Make sure your deposit is returned to you

    After leaving your rented property, the deposit should be returned if you have met the conditions of the contract. Make sure you know what to do if it isn’t returned to you.
    Use our ‘After you have moved out’ advice guide.


Our guides and checklists are designed to make your move a hassle free experience. If there is a related area of advice we have not covered, please let us know.




The day you move out

After you have moved out




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