car park

Authorised parking

Prince’s Gardens parking scheme

With the objective of reducing unauthorised access into the development access is now controlled and monitored in line with the lease.
This is in response to complaints raised by residents and owners and two surveys which identified 30 – 35 vehicles per day using the development as a free car park, without the car owners owning a flat in the development.

Under the new scheme vehicle access to residents and owners is via fob activated electronic gates. The gate code is restricted to emergency services and nominated trades only.

Only leaseholders or their approved agent can apply for a fob and a fob will only be provided if the following criteria are met;

  • Only one fob to be issued per car park space
  • The fob will be issued to the leaseholder for the leaseholders exclusive use or if the flat is rented for the exclusive use of a resident or another named person if the car park space is to be sub-let
  • If the leaseholder sub-lets the car park space, pre-approval to sub-let is required
  • Payment for the fob is received

If a fob is lost, or a 2nd fob requested for a flat the first fob will be de-activated.


Visitors are only allowed to park in the spaces marked with a ‘V’. Which are designated for visitor parking.


With the exception of the Post Office, access to the development is not permitted. If ordering goods and services for delivery please provide your mobile number and arrange a time for delivery when you will be available at the pedestrian gate to take receipt of the goods you have ordered.

Additional car park spaces

Additional car park spaces will NOT be allocated to any leaseholder.
ie: the lease restriction is for one space per apartment.


A British Car Park Association company has agreed to process car park fines issued in the development.
Parking tickets will be issued for ANY vehicle not registered within the development.

Ordering a vehicle gate fob

Fobs cannot be copied or cloned from fobs on the internet.

The price of a fob is £75.

To order a fob please click here.