Are you at risk of being electrocuted or a fire caused from faulty wiring or Landlord supplied appliance?

A good landlord should have performed the relevant Electrical Safety Testing to reduce any risk to you, the resident. Landlords are responsible for all electrical safety in rented properties

As mentioned on the Health and Safety Executive website, electrical faults can result in injuries such as an electric shock, loss of muscle control and thermal burns.

You can check if your Landlord has complied with the basic safety check on the portable appliances he/ she provided in the property when you signed the rental agreement and noted in your inventory.

Portable appliances should be checked by a registered IEE electrician every year to ensure they are safe. This check is known as a Portable Appliance Test (PAT). If an appliance passes the test a blue sticker will be placed on the appliance with the date the next test is due to be undertaken. No sticker means it has failed the test or it has not been tested.

If you are renting a property that does not have PAT blue stickers with an expiry date sometime in the future. We would like to know.

Together with the ??? we are conducting a survey to see how many landlords are compliant. Click here to join the survey


Types of electrical tests