Damp and mould can damage your health.

Don’t ignore it. Take Action Now

Actions you must take:

  1. Notify your agent or landlord
  2. To kill and remove mould growth, wipe down affected areas with a fungicidal wash. This is available from a hardware or DIY store or supermarket. You should choose a product which carries a Heath & Safety Executive ‘approval number’. Always follow the instructions carefully. Do not use bleach as this can damage paintwork and furnishings.
  3. The fungicidal wash will kill the spores which can give rise to respiratory issues
  4. Ensure there is adequate ventilation in the room. Particularly in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. For example open a window when cooking, showering or sleeping.
  5. If you prefer not to keep a window open, install the latest heat recovery ventilation units. Cheap to run, remove condensation and keep you warm.


Actions your Landlord or agent can take

  1.  As a minimum there should be a working extractor fan in the bathroom and kitchen. However, strongly recommend installing single room heat recovery units in these rooms. they cost less than 2p per day to run and recover up to 70% of the heat extracted.
    Yes they really do reduce landlord costs caused by damp and they can help improve the EPC rating and make the property warmer for the resident! a win all round.
    A unit can be obtained from xxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Ensure any tumble drier is vetted by a pipe through an outside wall, not out of a window as this may allow the moisture to return to the inside of the house.
  3. If replacing windows, ensure they have trickle ventilators.
  4. Do not block permanent ventilators or airbricks installed for heating or heating appliances. (This could lead to a dangerous build up of carbon monoxide which can be fatal).
  5. Insulate, Draught-proof and improve the heating in the property
  6. Insulate the external walls
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  7. Don’t draught-proof bathrooms, kitchens or rooms where a gas burning appliance or solid fuel is installed. These appliances need a constant source of fresh air to ensure proper and safe combustion.
  8. See what energy efficiency measures are available to you. Generally, your gas and electricity supply company will provide free help and advice