Rats and Mice

Like many city centre developments, Prince’s Gardens has had an ongoing issue with Rats, who live in the sewers, drains and voids below ground.

Rats thrive were there is access, a good source of food, water and shelter.

To minimise the number of rats all residents should follow the following good hygene rules

  • All rubbish to be bagged and placed into the metal bins in the bin areas
  • No litter or takeaways to be disposed of in the gardens

There is an annual inspection of the development by Liverpool City environmental health and any recommendations to minimise the rat population are made and implemented. This inspection includes the laying of posion.
Recommendations made in 2013/14 included the cutting back of ground vegetation along Highfield street to eliminate nesting
opportunities. In 2014/15 a camera survey of all drains will be conducted to identify the main access routes, from which a plan will be developed. It is hoped that the plan in conjunction with a fortnightly check for new instances of rat holes will keep the rat population to a minimum.