This is our first newsletter for 2016-17, we will be sending out newsletters quarterly to keep you abreast of the issues, progress and finances in the development.

Contact details

To report a maintenance problem or incident please email
Please state the name of the development (Claremont House) and your flat number in the email.


Our office number is 01625 549774

In addition to our newsletter, you will be provided with details of a  secure web page which will contain further details relating to the development (eg: insurance).

Health & Safety Risk – Urgent!!

You will be aware that there are a number of cables on the wall and ground around the property. We have commissioned an electrical safety assessment and although we are still waiting to receive the final report, we have received an update to say that there are live cables in the garden that represent a risk of electrocution.

Until we notify you otherwise, please do not go near any cables and DO NOT allow your children to play in that garden.
The electricity connection is also within the bin store. Under no circumstances should anyone enter the bin store until it has been made safe.

At least one of the cables is connected to a coach house and the leaseholder has agreed to have it disconnected. Once disconnected we will retest the site and confirm if it is safe to use the garden and bin store.

If you sublet your apartment, please notify your tenants as soon as possible.

Maintenance plan for 2016-17

The following is our maintenance plan for the year. You will note that work on upgrading the gates is not included in the plan. We are however, committed to securing the development which does include working gates and will be obtaining quotes for the work which we hope to start next year when funds allow.

  • Re-decorate the two communal areas
  • Paint external ironwork
  • Paint the soffits & Bargeboard
  • clean gutters in the autumn (following leaf fall)
  • Items highlighted within the building survey should funds allow


Building Survey

To ensure we have a full understanding on the status of the building, we commissioned a structural survey. The report once received will be available to you.
From the report we intend preparing a 5 / 10 year maintenance plan. We would hope to fund this work by building a reserve fund each year and will share the plan and forecasted costs with you once completed.



The gardens have been re-planted and the rubbish dumped throughout the trees removed. Ongoing the grass will be cut and the borders weeded. Over time the shrubs will grown and provide a more uniform and pleasing landscaping scheme.

Dead and diseased trees have been removed and a beech hedge has been planted in front of the trees, screening off the damp area of the lawn, voids in the ground and again electricity cables. behind the hedge pyracantha and berberis has been planted to minise anyone going near the wall to the railway line.

We have taken what appears to be japanese knot weed samples for testing. One has come back as positive, but we are still waiting on a second test before taking action to have it removed. Removal will require specialist contractors and we will confirm if required.


There are 2 sky dishes on the roof. One is a makeshift ‘communal’ dish and the second supplies one flat only.
The ‘communal’ dish is not part of an approved sky communal system and cannot be upgraded. Therefore, the new SKYQ offering will not be available to tenants.
The option exists to install a SKYQ communal system, connecting all flats. The cost of which is £800 +vat.

We would appreciate your view on the upgrade, if you could please email if you do not want this upgrade to be made.



You will be aware from your recent demand that the service charge to 31 December 16 has remained unchanged. This is due to the high level of spend planned this year.

Committed spend to date is c£3800 and relates to the garden, building survey, insurance, cleaning & other recurring bills. (eg: electricity). The service charge receipts will contribute to the additional planned spend in the year. The current balance in the account is £3,400.

We will be taking legal action in the coming week to recover overdue service charges.

The ground rent demand for 2016 will be sent out shortly