Claremont House – Management Update

This update is to provide you with the plans for the development and the current financial position. We will be sending out quarterly updates in the future.

A conference call will be set-up in the coming weeks to gain your feedback on this update and the future work required in the development.

Risk notification – urgent!

An external electrical safety check identified two live cables that extend across the front garden. One cable to the flood lights has been disconnected, but the 2nd cable requires the support of an owner to disconnect. There is a serious risk of electrocution. Until we inform you that the garden is safe, please do not go anywhere near the cables or plastic ducting some cables are housed in and we strongly advise that children are not allowed into the garden.
If you are sub-letting your apartment, please notify your tenants.

We will send out a separate mail once the garden has been made safe.


Building information

You can access information about the building at …………………………
The username and password is:


Planned maintenance

The following have been included in the budget for the coming year

  1. Building survey (communal areas, & externally) to assess the status of the building and produce a medium to long term maintenance plan
  2. Barrier to prevent falls to the old railway line
    An order has been raised to place a link fence in front of the stone wall adjacent to the house overlooking the old railway line. This should reduce the risk of children climbing on the wall and falling to the path below.
  3. Repair to the grid alongside the speed hump.
    The duct will be shuttered to allow a grid to sit on top
  4. Bin Store
    We have received complaints his is to address the complaints of having bins near the road which gives a poor impression of the development.
  5. Railings
    Where necessary the railings will be repainted.
  6. External lighting
    Although the lighting has been maintained, the lamps require replacement. We will be replacing all external lamps in the coming months.
  7. Internal redecoration of the two common areas.
  8. Self closures to be fitted to the two external doors of the upper flats
  9. Communal lighting & power circuit monitoring
    We will install a unit that will enable us to be notified if a fault exissts on the lighting and/ or power circuits which should
  10. Gutters to be cleaned every 6 months
  11. Gardens
    1. To provide structure to the lawn, a beach hedge will be planted in front of the existing trees & undergrowth.
    2. New shrubs will be planted in the borders alongside the path & lawn.
    3. Pampus grass will be planted between each tree along the drive/ border of the property
    4. In the Autumn, trees close the the building will be cut back.

Work/ Upgrades considered for 2016

Structural Survey

We have had a number of issues raised about the roof in respect to leaks. Unfortunately we have no definitive report of the roof condition and areas of maintenance that may be required over the coming years. The same is true regarding areas of damp & remedial work to the external rendering. To address this we have commissioned a surveyor and we will circulate the report once received.


Communal Sky TV

The current installation provides a signal to 7 of the 8 flats, but has not been installed with Sky’s recommended technology and as a consequence cannot be upgraded to the new SkyQ system.
If you agree we will install a compliant communal SkyQ system for all 8 flats. The cost being £800 + VAT.
A majority of leaseholders are required to give approval before the work will be scheduled.


Vehicle gates

The gates cannot be put back into operation until they meet the current regulations. (see attached report).
The cost will be upwards of £5,000 to undertake the work. To reduce the cost we could install manual gates instead of electronic gates.
The new gates would be re-sited further up the drive so that the council could access the bins in the bin store.



To improve security, the option exists to install cctv in the communal entrances and around the exterior of the building. We would look to budget £4,300 inclusive of VAT should this be agreed.

We welcome your views on other areas of improvement you would like to see over the coming year.



We are currently forecasting a surplus of £3,000 as at 31st March, with service charge statements for 2015 being issued April 2016.

Without undertaking any of the upgrades noted above or placing that surplus into a reserve account, we could dramatically reduce the monthly service charge. However, We recommend transferring the surplus into a reserve fund to contribute to any major works that may be necessary in the future and reducing the service charge to £125 pcm from 1st April. This would meet the forecasted budget and provide a surplus to fund one or more of the above upgrades or to further boost the reserve fund pending the results of the survey.

You will receive a statement shortly on the balance of your service charge account to the 31st March. Please pay your account in full by the 31st March as this will help us reduce the service charge demand in the future. Future notified late payments will be subject to a £25 administration charge and service charge demands in arrears by more than one month may be passed to a solicitor for collection.

The ground rent for 2016 will be be invoiced separately.


Lease compliance

Appreciate that you have already agreed to meet the conditions of the your lease, but we have not had 100% compliance, consequently we have noted some of the points below that have not been complied with;

  1. Installation of leaseholder equipment on the building, in the gardens or in the communal areas.
    Please ensure you gain pre-approval. If no approval is given, the items will be removed at the leaseholders expense.
  2. Keeping of pets within an apartment.
    Pre-approval is required if you or your tenants wish to keep pets.
  3. Non payment of the service charge.
    Unfortunately, timely & complete payment of the service charge is a problem. The lease states the service charge should be paid quarterly in advance. Given the number of leaseholders in arrears The prior arrangement of monthly payments will be removed from .




If you have tenants in your apartment, please be aware that you are required to register for a licence with Liverpool City Council. As managers we are also required to keep a register of vulnerable people within the building. (e: under 16 & over 74 years old). To meet our obligations we will be sending out a separate email with a link to an on-line form which we would be grateful if you could complete.

General upkeep

We undertake a monthly H&S check of the building & cleaning of the communal hallways is in place.
Work on the gardens will restart this month, the gardeners will place all children’s toys in the goal posts so that they can cut the grass. Any other items will be left in situ. I will let you know what day of the week the gardeners will attend so that you can clear the lawn of toys.