Request to sub-let a flat

Under the terms of the lease flat owners are required to gain approval from the freeholder to sub-let their property. This will apply to every new tenancy and extensions to existing tenancies.

Approval to sub-let will be given providing the following conditions have been met;

    1. No outstanding service management charges
    2. No outstanding property maintenance requirements that if not completed will effect the common areas of the building.
    3. No outstanding property maintenance requirements that if not completed will affect flats above, below or adjacent to the flat requesting the sub-let
    4. No history of unresolved complaints relating to anti-social behaviour not adequately addressed within a previous sub-let
    5. Were local authority licensing exists, confirmation that the property is licenced
    6. A £30 sub-let charge has been paid. This charge is to cover the administration costs of processing a sub-let request and the subsequent support tasks required.

If a sub-let proceeds without approval the following conditions will apply;

    1. The leaseholder and their mortgage/ loan company will be notified of a breach in the lease conditions and the resulting costs that may be incured for the notification and resulting action
    2. The insurance company will be notified to minimise claims from unauthorised tenants
    3. The management company will charge for each engagement with the tenant, agent or leaseholder regarding the sub-let.


If you are or have written authority to act on behalf of the flat owner please complete the following form to apply for sub-let approval. The form is in two parts. The first relates to your request to sublet and the second to the tenants in your property. Both parts are required to be completed