2016-17 Planned maintenance

Work on the following areas is planned:

1st floor communal windows

Our intention is to replace all 1st floor communal windows over the next 5 years. At least 3 windows will be replaced with PVC units this year in communal areas 97, 90 & 80.


At least 3 drains have collapsed. A full survey of the drains will be undertaken and a plan for repair issued.
The priority is to repair the drain and manhole on the path adjacent to Highfield Street.


We experienced 3 leaks in 2015-16 which required major repair. We have budgeted for a similar number again in 2016-17.


The gutters require cleaning on a yearly basis. This year we have changed from the traditional man on scaffolding tto do the clean to a ground based ‘large vacum’ that will also provide cctv imaging of the gutters. The cost to provide this is less than the scaffolding option and the images will be checked so that we know they are clean and free from obstruction.


In total 10 trees will be removed that are a risk of causing structural building/ wall problems. These include self seeded trees to the right of the vehicle entrance nearest Pownal square, one dead popular tree and two conifers that obstruct cctv footage of the pedestrian & vehicle gates.
A separate newsletter will summarise the planting schemes for the areas effected.

Exterior walls

We have written several times about owners repeated failing to repair leaks in their properties. We now have the situation where the external brickwork has been stained in a number of areas. These areas will be cleaned this summer.


Cameras will be installed alongside Leeds Street to cover the car parks adjacent to Leeds Street and Highfield Street.

Car Park Lighting

We have successfully trialed a LED light in the car park and will look to replace all car park lights with the LED fitting as and when each existing light fails. The LED light is not as aesthetically pleasing as the existing open ‘ball’ lights, but they are cheaper to run and are more effective as they provide more light onto the car park.
The upgrade is intended to improve security and your safety.


Work started in 2015-16 on the vehicle gates is complete and the gates will be operational from the 5th July.

The fibre installed in 2015 will be connected to the BT exchange in July and all residents will be contacted with the opportunity to take service over the coming months.