Moving Day

When moving in to a new property you can sometimes become flustered by all the tasks you need to do. So we have created a moving in checklist. We hope to help you streamline the process so that you can enjoy your first days in your property.

  1. Update Council of changed address ( Nothings worse than a huge council tax bill or a fine)
  2. Decide on broadband and TV services ( Make sure you get the best speeds and packages for your locations many sites offer this service to save you money)
  3. Buy new TV license or update existing one
  4. Update all mail so it reaches your new home ( Nothing gets left behind)
  5. If renting meet with your letting agent and sign new contracts, pay deposit and rent.
  6. In order to make sure you don’t forget to pay your rent set up a standing order to pay your landlord on time. ( Can be done in your local branch or online)
  7. Take an inventory of all items and surfaces. (This is vital when claiming your deposit back; getting proof of damages early can save you money when it’s time to leave.)
  8. Make sure you know where to get all energy readings and update your suppliers when you move in. (By doing this you will only pay for what you use and not the person before).
  9. Buy contents insurance ( Usually required before moving in, this could help you out if anything goes missing)
  10. Research and find new doctors and dental surgeries in the local area. ( You should do this as soon as possible as these usually have waiting lists)
  11. In clearing out any unwanted furniture or other bulky items, not NOT place in the communal bins.
    Contact Bulky Bob’s – a free bulky item removal service on 0151 207 2148
  12. Update all your new and current energy suppliers that you’ve moved and changed address (Gas, Water and Electricity)