Marlborough Street sublet request

A decision was made in the Mono Project RTM Company AGM in January 2015 to implement a sublet approval process as part of a number of measures to maintain the quality of the building and the living experience for all residents.

From February 2015 all owners seeking to sublet (eg: rent out) their flat are required to apply for approval before and tenancy agreement is entered into with a tenant. This applies to existing sublets where a tenancy is to be extended or new contract issued.

A sublet request will not be unreasonably refused and the criteria to meet to gain approval is

  1. No outstanding service management services charges or ground rent charges.
  2. All Liverpool City Council licencing conditions have been met (ie: When licencing comes into force).
  3. A current plumbing condition report has been submitted and any corrective actions met.
  4. No outstanding property maintenance requirements that if not completed will effect the common areas of the building
  5. No outstanding property maintenance requirements that if not completed will effect flats above, below or adjacent to the flat requesting the sub-let
  6. No history of unresolved complaints relating to anti-social behavior in the flat a sub let is requested or any other properties in the building owned by the leaseholder.
  7. A £25 sub-let charge has been paid. This charge is to cover the administration costs of processing a sub-let request and the subsequent support tasks required.

If a sub-let proceeds without approval the your mortgage company will be notified and should any other breach in your lease conditions apply action will be taken to forfeit the flat.

To initiate the sublet process, please complete the form below.
NB. If you have engaged an agent to let your property, they can complete a sublet request on your behalf if you have provided them with written approval to do so. Agents will access the sublet form via the agents page on the web site.