The location of the Mono building is ideal for access to City Centre.
But it has suffered with problems from local children getting into the building causing damage and being a nuisance.

The Marlborough Street Management have taken precautions to ensure your safety and minimise unauthorised access.
We have also drafted our guide on the security considerations you can take.


Security considerations to help keep you safe

  1. Always making sure that the front door and internal doors are closed after you have opened them
  2. Never telling anyone what the key codes are to the  internal doors
  3. Never releasing the front door via your intercom – always go down to meet your guest if you know them.
  4. Never let anybody in that you don’t know
  5. Reporting any incident to the Police on 0151 709 6010 and letting the management company know at
  6. Reporting any faults with door locks or key codes to

If you are renting your apartment, what is your landlord required to provide?

Legally nothing, However, there are minimum security measures that you should expect and take yourself;

  1.  You should feel safe inside of your apartment. This means are properly secured and have appropriate working locks. Your front door should have a spy hole or chain.
  2. Apart from your landlord or agent, no one else has a key to the apartment.
  3. You should not allow unsupervised repairmen inside the apartment as this could lead to claims of robbery.


CCTV is not installed in the building.