38 Marlborough Street – Water leak update

38 Marlborough Street – Water leak update

Thank you to everyone who provided access to their apartments.

The good news is that the source of the water that tripped the lighting circuit has been found and the letting agent has arranged for a contractor to fix the leak.

We will be getting the drains in the risers cleared by a contractor as there appears to be a blockage. Could you please impress on your tenants not to dispose of sanitary towels and wet wipes down the toilet.
If you still have yet to update us on the work you have completed following the plumbing assessments last year, could you please do so by the 31st January. This will give time to review properties ahead of a renewal in the insurance policy.

The Lift will pit had over a meter of water in it, which tripped the safety process of parking the lift.. This is due to the rise of the water table. The water has been pumped out by will require fortnightly review to keep the lift operational.