38 Marlborough Street – Notification

38 Marlborough Street – Notification of a major water leak

Please note that we have a major issue from water ingress into the electrics and lift within the Mono Building.

It is unclear at this stage if the source of the water is a leak from the roof or a leak from a water inlet pipe within the building/ IMG_0470one of the flats. As you can see from the photograph the water is visible in the basement, but not elsewhere in the building.

The leak has tripped the lighting circuit and necessitated the replacement of one light unit. The lift pit has also filled with water triggering the safety switch to turn off the lift.

We have had an electrician and lift engineer out to get the lights & lift working.
We now have light, but the work to fix the lift will not be completed until Friday pm.

Without knowing the source of the water ingress we may again loose lights and the lift. To address this we will require access to every flat to check the water inlet pipes and waste water pipes. We are hoping to do this Saturday between 9am and 5pm. Unfortunately we do not have keys to your properties and would ask you to be on-site to enable access or to arrange with your letting agents to be on-site. Appreciate this is very short notice, but if we cannot provide light we should strictly be asking you to rehouse your tenants until the problem can be fixed. ie: we don’t want to delay this check given the risk.

In responding back could you please confirm if you completed the rectification works highlighted by the plumbing assessments last year, if indeed your apartment had any issues highlighted.

We are hoping to get the roof assessed on Tuesday 26th February.

I will be the contact for this work and my number is 07873 511849.

Your support will be gratefully appreciated.
Sorry for the inconvenience



Mike Carey