Liverpool citywide licencing

Liverpool City Council are in the process of considering licencing ALL rented properties and have initiated a consultation exercise with existing landlords.

You can engage in this exercise by visiting city wide selective licencing

The implications for you as landlords

  • maintaining an up to date Electrical Safety Certificate and PAT tests on all appliances
  • Payment to the Council of a licencing fee

It is is your interest to give your view on the proposed plans as the output from the consultation will be used to define the final form and content of the licencing scheme. Please visit city wide selective licencing

The licencing provisions are likely to be based upon the Liverpool City Council CLASS scheme.

Currently Landlords on the scheme will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Property is free from all category 1 hazards
  • Gas, Fire alarms and emergency lighting test certificates and energy provider certificate.
  • Adequate means of escape and detection of fire
  • Physical standards set out in the CLASS code are met

If the City implement their licence fee and you need to obtain an electrical safety certificate to meet the licencing requirement, you could be paying c£650 in the year licencing comes in,
The City may reduce the licencing fee in the first year for CLASS registered landlords. Please consider registering now.
If you want us to help you email and we will get back to you

If would like to sign up to the CLASS scheme please complete this form.

For further details see Liverpool Class Accreditation Scheme.