Owners – Your Right to Manage

We believe that all residential management companies should be accountable to the apartment owners for the service they provide.
If you don’t feel that your management company is responsive to questions, clear in their plans, transparent in the costs you incur or meeting their regulatory obligations, we can help by helping you establish a recognised leaseholder association or Right to Manage (RTM) company and ensure that you have control over the management decisions and costs. To start the process register here.

Since the 2002 Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, leaseholders (apartment owners) have had the legal right to take control of their block away from their landlord, and as a consequence replace their managing agent by the Right to Manage process.
This is increasingly common with leaseholders, as figures obtained by Companies House show that as of January 2014, there were 1,968 registered RTM companies, a 20% increase on the figure twelve months before.

And it comes as no surprise that more and more people are choosing to exercise their Right to Manage, given that it’s simply a case of following a sequence of clearly set out steps whilst abiding by some well-established legislative requirements.

On meeting certain government-specified criteria, the Right to Manage is exercisable by all leaseholders. What’s more, leaseholders are not required to prove that their existing managing agent has been incompetent or otherwise, and it takes just one person to initiate the process.

For an independent view on the Right to Manage process check see the Leasehold Advisory Service

The minor stumbling blocks in the process are easily overcome with a little due care and attention; typically it is only a matter of ensuring that your block meets the qualification criteria in the first place, and thereafter carefully following the technical legalities involved.

This is typically a cut and dried process for most blocks – in order to qualify, your block must meet the following criteria:

Ensure your development qualifies

  • your building must be in part self-contained, and include at least two flats – part of a building is self-contained if it has a vertical division, could be redeveloped independently and has, or could have, its own services
  • at least 2/3rds of the leaseholders must have leases longer than 21 years
  • No more than 25% of the block may be used for non-residential use – excluding car parks and common areas connected with the flats.

And once you have established your RTM?

We offer a ‘pick and mix’ set of support services, giving you the flexibility to decide how much of the management tasks you take on board.

Will can ensure you comply with legal and regulatory requirements, take away administration overheads, manage your suppliers, maintenance or provide you with the tools to do it yourself.

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