Management Request Form (DRW)

The call today at 12 noon was not attended, we will re-arrange and issue a conference call number rather than a hangout invite if this helps.

One of the items that was going to be discussed during the call was the need to implement a sub-let approval process. The details of which are below. Unfortunately there is an admin charge of £30 per flat which can be taken from the service charge account if you agree. If you don’t agree, please email
The information requested below and a further request for details of your tenants will be used to identify ‘vulnerable persons’ to the emergency services, compliance with the insurance conditions and in correspondence with the authorities should we have an incident.

Other items on the call include a potential reduction in the service charge later this year.

Hopefully speak soon.

Mike Carey



Sub-let approval process

Below is a request that is required to be completed annually by you if you are renting out your apartment.

The request is in line with the lease and approval will not be refused, providing;

  1. Your property has been maintained to a reasonable standard.
    ie: no complaints from tenants and actions within the plumbing assessment report have been actioned
  2. You or your tenants have not previously caused damaged to the communal areas
  3. Your service charge payments are not in arrears
  4. You comply with the current legislation for renting your property

On approval you will be requested to provide details of the tenants, their contracts, together with photographs. This to to ensure we know who resides within the building, can take maintenance requests from them and in the rare occasion criminal damage occurs, we are able to effectively prosecute. Upon change of tenancy you are required to complete the tenancy details again.

The objective of this process is to ensure that standards of all tenants and tenanted properties contribute to the ongoing improvement of the development and as a result your return on investment.

Unfortunately we are having to charge £30 per sub-let request to cover administration charges.
Should you let your property and fail to complete a sublet approval request, Rebloom Ltd will assign a £120 charge to your account and take alternative action to ensure compliance.