Important information regarding plumbing and leaks in buildings

Dear Leaseholders,

One of the most common problems in blocks of flats is water leaking between floors and in serious instances flooding. This is something that as the Managing Agent we are concious and serious about. It is within our duty of care to prevent this from happening, this is why we conduct annual plumbing assessments on each property in other blocks we manage.

We would like to do the same within Deane Road.
It is important not only for a health and safety measure but also for insurance purposes. Insurers are more likely to pay out if the proper measures of prevention were put in place before an incident occurs.

The cost of a plumbing assessment is £60 per flat, this includes checking the behind the toilet, under the sink, under the bath, under the washing and the piping system and the production of a report. The cost will be met from the service charge budget.

Any leaseholder who chooses not to undertake a plumbing assessment carries the risk that the insurance company may not pay out in part or full on any claim.

We will be scheduling a plumbing assessment to take place in the early summer months in either July/August and would appreciate your support.

Any questions please email