Prince’s Gardens Resident Responsibilities

To maintain a positive, friendly, safe and healthy environment, it is important that you are aware of your responsibilities as a resident.

Don’t worry they are reasonable and just plain common sense. To make it easy we have listed your resident responsibilities into 5 categories;

Must NOT DO’s

  • No Smoking in ANY area of the building
  • No pets to be kept in apartments
  • No LPG or Gas to be kept in apartments
  • No copies of front door keys to be made. Always obtain a replacement via your landlord or agent


  • Ensure the front door is locked when you enter and leave the building
  • Keep hall and stairs free of obstruction.
  • Keep the door to the garage closed. It is a fire door and offers 30 minutes protection


  • Remove all litter from corridors, stairs and lift
  • Bin all junk mail
  • All rubbish to be placed in black bin liners before being placed in the bins
  • Report all repairs in the common areas to
  • Report all repairs within your apartment to your landlord/ agent.

Being a good neighbour

  • Vacuum the hall outside of your apartment
  • Removal of all bulky items via ‘Bulky bob’s’
  • No music/ parties after 11pm
  • Say hello to your neighbour, you may need their help at some point
  • Report any issues with residents to

Please note: The above does not replace any responsibilities stated in your tenancy agreement.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Prince’s Garens, Liverpool.