Prince’s gardens security update

We have made a number of improvements to ensure the safety and wellbeing of residents including the removal of the much abused gate codes; timely repair of gates, blanking discs to the rear doors and the repair of many broken locks to communal areas.

You may be aware that we have experienced two burglaries in April. Both ground floor flats where the burglars entered the communal area without forcing a door.
ie: where let in; had a key or unlocked the door without a key.

We are also aware that the gate to Pownal Square is often left open as a deadlock was fitted which does not snap closed automatically. To address this issue we will be replacing the locks and repairing the gates on the 1st May. You will NOT be able to gain access via these gates with your existing key and replacement keys will be issued free of charge to you and/ or your residents.

Security considerations/ requests

Disabling the automatic door release mechanism

We are considering the removal of the automatic door release option on your intercom system. This will prevent unauthorised access as residents will be required to go down to the front door to let visitors in. If you do NOT want this change to apply to your communal front door, please let us know by completing the form below.

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Gate key problems mechanism

A number of residents and owners have obtained copies of get keys which have broken in the gate lock. This renders the lock unusable and its repair leaves the gate open which is a security risk.

Gate keys ordered via the order process will not break. Please order replacement keys via this link


Vehicle gate code & Fobs

Vehicle gate codes reserved for Eldonian trades, care workers, utilities & emergency services have been compromised with a number of residents and the public accessing the development by code. To maintain security these codes will be changed on a regular basis and only made available to emergency services.

For owners or their agents who obtained gate fobs without pre-payment. The fob will be disabled preventing access to the development.