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We are striving to improve the environment within the development and make Prince’s Gardens the garden living destination in the city center. With this will come a better quality of life for residents and hopefully improved resale values for owners.

We will recommend the services of letting agents to owners in Prince’s Gardens who sign up to the ‘charter’ and are registered with the property Ombudsman. If you would like further information on our charter, please register your interest here Links on this page are designed to provide you with the information you require to deliver a successful ‘let’ within the development and minimise the administration costs you incur within that process. If you require information to support the sale of an apartment please email

When renting a property please use the following checklist during the rental process…

  • Sub let approval – Has the landlord obtained approval to sub-let the flat?
  • Restrictions – Are you aware of the lease and management restrictions within the development?
  • Resident responsibilities – Are the prospective tenants (residents) aware of their responsibilities should they rent the flat?
  • Moving in – Are you aware of what each tenant will require prior to moving in?
  • Are you aware of the information to provide to the residential management company when a tenant moves in?

The menu items below will help in completing the checklist.

Request to Sub-let 

Under the terms of the lease an owner is required to obtain approval to let a flat.
Approval is required at every change of tenancy.
The sub-let request form can be completed here

Enter new tenant details

Please enter the details of a new tenant.
This is required to meet safety obligations and in the issuing of keys and fobs.
Please ensure your tenant receives a copy of the ‘good neighbor’ guide.