Resident Responsibilities



To maintain a positive, friendly, safe and healthy environment, it is important that you are aware of your responsibilities as a resident.

Don’t worry they are reasonable and just plain common sense. To make it easy we have listed your resident responsibilities into 5 categories;

The following is a list of your obligations as residents




Communal area

1. Not to obstruct any fire detection equipment situated within the building.

2. Not to cause any obstruction to communal areas as this also poses a threat to health and safety regulations.

3. Not to permit a gathering of people in communal area or children of leaseholders / residents to play in the communal area for any reason.

4. Not to leave any objects or rubbish in any communal areas.

5. Not to smoke or permit any smoking in the flats or communal areas.

6. All residents and their guests must ensure front door access to building is closed when entering and leaving the building. This includes internal communal doors to all floors and bin area.

7. Any damage caused by residents or guests to any part of the building, you or your leaseholder will be responsible to pay the cost to make good any damage back to the original state.

8. Residents must clean the corridor floor outside your apartment.


1. Not to carry out alteration to your apartment without Building Management consent. To protect the interests of your neighbours and the structure of the building. There may be restrictions affecting what you can do to the exterior of your property.

2. To obtain consent via the Mono Project RTM Company Limited for keeping a pet.

3. The apartments must not be used for any illegal substances or immoral purpose.

4. Nuisance – Not to cause nuisance to your neighbours. Persistent offenders will be reported to the local authority and if renting an apartment the issue will be raised with the Landlord with a view to ceasing the tenancy.

5. Not to store or bring to the apartment or communal areas any article or substance or liquid or combustible inflammable or explosive nature.

6. Satellite television – residents should purchase a digital box to connect to television. No external individual dish shall be erected on the exterior walls of the building.

7. Residents are liable to ensure there are no water leaks in apartment. You must report to your Landlord and or Letting agent.

8. All apartment internal / external windows must be cleaned on a monthly basis.


Domestic Refuse

1. All domestic refuse must be put into the bins provided.

2. Contact Liverpool City Council or ‘Bulky Bob’s’ for the removal of any items that will not go into the bins – this is a free service.

3. The refuse store must be locked when exiting at all times to ensure no unauthorised access to the building.

Car park

1. When accessing the car park via internal door the residents must adopt safety precautions due to cars entering and leaving the building.

2. When leaving the car park via internal door it is imperative that the door is locked to ensure no unauthorised access to building.

3. Ensure the entrance door to the electric meter room is locked when exiting the room.

Water meter cupboards

1. Access to water meters on each floor. Doors must be locked after you take meter readings to ensure safety to all apartments.


Being a good neighbour

  • Vacuum the hall outside of your apartment
  • Removal of all bulky items via ‘Bulky bob’s’
  • No music/ parties after 11pm
  • Say hello to your neighbour, you may need their help at some point
  • Report any issues with residents to

Please note: The above does not replace any responsibilities stated in your tenancy agreement.

We hope you enjoy your stay in 38 Marlborough Street, Liverpool.