Marlborough Street Information

Living in the Mono building at 38 Marlborough Street, should be a pleasant hassle free experience.

To help your stay we have compiled information you will find helpful and may even save you some valuable time.

Car park permits.

It is not possible to park your car in the basement car park as this is a commercially let unit.

Parking is available on the road at the front of the building. You are required to display a valid resident parking permit to avoid a parking fine.
Permits can be obtained from: Car Parking Permits

Liverpool City Council Taxes

Everyone is required to register with the council for council tax purposes, even if you are exempt.
For full details on council tax go to:

Ordering replacement main door keys.

Code access to the front door of the building has been removed to prevent local youths gaining access.
Access to the building is ONLY by a security key that cannot be copied.

Keys can be ordered by leaseholders or their nominated agents only and cost £35. Keys can be ordered here


Removal of bulky items

Bulky Bob’s Furniture World Store
127 -137 London Road Liverpool L3
Ph: 0151 207 2148


Fire Assessment

An independent fire assessment was undertaken in December 2013. the great news is that we were compliant in most areas assessed. Particularly in the absence of any obstructions to corridors and stairs. Thanks to everyone for complying with the ‘code of living’ in 38 Marlborough Street.

attached is a copy of the fire assessment: FRA 38 MARLBOROUGH STREET


A fortnightly cleaning rota is in place. For details see Cleaning Schedule
Should you have an issue with the quality of the cleaning please mail

The bin area presents a fire and health hazard to you as residents. Attached are your responsibilities when using the bins: Bin area – residents responsibilities


Flat Specific Information


Water Heater

All flats have the same OSO water heater. Should you have a problem;

  1. Consult the OSO Fault finding guide: OSO Water Heater FaultFindingGuide
  2. Contact a registered OSO heating engineer.
    company details FirstPlumb
    contact John on 078 111 941 26  or 0151 706 8024

To take advantage of economy 7 electricity tariff ensure you water heater is fitted with an in-line timer. installation by a qualified electrician is required. but the money saved will out-weigh the costs.