Budenburgh Contacts


To raise a complaint or request a repair to the communal area

All property management is undertaken by Mainstay. Switchboard: 01905 357 777

   Office Fax: 01905 361 046
Out of Hours Emergency Repairs: 0845 189 8024

Please be aware that this number should only be used for genuine emergencies within the communal areas or incidents such as major water leaks and fire.
Calls made that are not genuine emergencies or are specific to an apartment may result in the cost of any works and administration being charged to the owner of the apartment concerned.

Raising a complaint
In the first instance contact the Mainstay property manager, Jessica Roebuck at jessicaroebuck@mainstaygroup.co.uk

Property services adviser
Name: William Diment Email: budenburg@mainstaygroup.co.uk

phone.jpg 01905 364060



There are 2 caretakers, Pongo and Dave – who are managed by Mainstay.

What are the caretakers duties? List them? Cleaning

The caretakers are on site at the following times
Mon 8am – 4pm
Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri 8am – 6pm
Sat 8am – 4pm

They can be contacted during the above times on 07506 474137.