Budenburgh, Altrincham



Budenberg HAUS Projekte is a unique luxury canalside development in the historic Cheshire market town of Altrincham,

To develop a true community within the development a flat owner association has been formed with the aim of improving the environment and quality of life for all residents.


Opening in 2005, the Budenberg HAUS Projekte was the first Foster and Partners designed homes outside of London.

From 1914 the site was originally home to the Budenberg Gauge Company which made pressure gauges, thermometers and valves, the company relocated to Irlam in 2002.

Taking inspiration from ocean liners, Fosters and Partners designed two new buildings called HAUS 2 and 3 for the site, while Arkheion Architects designed the refurbishment of the existing Budenberg factory building.

There are 248 apartments within the development.


Our aim

To improve the environment within the development, its desirability to future residents and thereby increasing the resale value of the apartments

We will do this by;

  1. Engaging all stakeholders in the execution of our plans
  2. Ensuring clear, consistent communication between residents, owners and Main Stay
  3. Providing timely access to information to help residents and absent flat owners


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