Budenburgh flat related information

All you need to know about the flat you live in and the Budenburgh site.

Home owners information pack

A copy of the information pack provided by the building developer, Urban Splash, contains all the information you need to maintain your flat. You can download a copy here : budenberg haus projekte


Budenburgh Site layout

Budenberg Site Plan


The Budenburgh development comprises of four separate groups of buildings. the iconic designed buildings are known as Haus 1, Haus 2 and Haus 3. whilst the refurbished ? building is known as Budenburgh.






Electricity and water is under the management of Urban Splash who have appointed Switch2 to manage on their behalf. Bills are issued monthly.

TV & Satilite ?

 Phone & Broadband ?


There is no gas provided and for safety reasons the use of LPG or other gas sources is prohibited



Floor plans for all flats


Flan plans

Flat cabling


Utilities and how this is supplied


Taxis numbers