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Welcome to our latest newsletter for Princes Gardens.

We have covered a number of areas that require your input as a result you may need to take 10 minutes out to go through the detail.

Please note that our email address is:
Our office number is: 01625 569774


Output from the April Leaseholder meeting

The meeting slides from each of the leaseholder meeting in April can be viewed here


2016-17 Planned maintenance

The summary of the current maintenance plan can be viewed here

As in 2015-16, due to funding restrictions there are no plans to repair the intercom systems.

Sub-let request

As previously communicated to comply with the lease conditions any leaseholder sub-letting (ie: renting out) a flat or car park space is required to obtain approval before doing so.
As this has not been consistently followed in the past, an annual request will be made for all leaseholders to gain approval for existing rented property and and leaseholders looking to rent out their property in the future are requested to gain approval first.

If you are currently sub-letting your property, please complete the sub-let request form –
Unfortunately there is an administration charge of £30 to cover the costs of processing the information.
Once the form is completed the details will be reviewed by the directors and approval given where the lease conditions are met, your property has been maintained (ie: no re-occurring requests to you to take action to resolve issues) and your service charge payments are not in arrears.

If you are sub-letting your property and fail to complete the sub-let request you will be in breach of your lease agreement and further action will be taken including the support of our solicitor and you may be liable for our administration costs and solicitor costs.
The sub-let request process will play an important part in helping to improve the development and your return on your investment.

You will be required to re-submit your sublet request on an annual basis.

Vehicle Gate access

We were planning to close the gates on the 28th June and you may have seen the signs on the gates stating this. However, following a delay by our supplier, the gates will now be closed on the 5th July.

If you are sub-letting your apartment, your sublet request & tenant update will provide sufficient details to process a vehicle fob request and we will be in contact to arrange payment and delivery of the fob.

If you are a flat owner and reside within the development, please register your request for a fob here

The fob will also give you access to the pedestrian gate, when the fob access pedestrian gate is activated.
NB. If you have an existing fob it will only be valid until the end of August. Once you have registered for a new fob you can swap your existing fob for a new fob free of charge on the 28th June between 9am and 4pm by visiting Ralph, the on-site caretaker.
If you elect to retain your existing fob you will have a separate opportunity to swap it for a new fob in August.

Once the gates are operational any individuals forcing open gates will be prosecuted for criminal damage.

Visitors can park in the visitor spaces only. Access will need to be given by a resident who has a fob to the vehicle gate.
Where a resident is not eligible for a fob, visitor fobs can be ordered and you will be able to request for the visitor fob to be activated for fixed periods via an on-line request form. Details of which will be provided at the end of July.
NB. Visitors include trade vehicles.

We will be employing the services of a car park enforcement company. They will be provided with details of the car registration numbers valid in the development. All other cars will receive a fixed penalty charge.


Pedestrian Gate Access

Following the leaseholder meeting in April it has been agreed to install a fob access system for the pedestrian gates which will enable all residents and visitors to leave by pressing a button, rather than having to use a key. This system will only be available for the pedestrian gates onto Highfield Street and we will trial the solution on the gate nearest Leeds Street before upgrading the 2nd gate.

Taking this approach will minimise the disruption in the early days as residents not receiving fobs can still exit and gain access via the other gate, providing they have a key.

Work on the pedestrian gate will be undertaken soon.
Fobs for the upgraded pedestrian gate will be programmed and linked to the resident or leaseholder. Only one fob per resident or leaseholder will be issued.  The cost of a fob is £23.  You can swap your current pedestrian key for a pedestrian gate fob free of charge. Details to follow.


Plumbing assessment

We are continually identifying 25 – 35 apartments per month with leaks. some leaks are into the internal communal areas but most are out of the overflow pipes causing damage to the exterior brickwork. Given the lack of response by leaseholders to our requests to fix the leaks we will be undertaking plumbing assessments on all apartments within the development. The cost of which will be met from the service charge. The checks will be on the ball cock in the toilet and boiler and any visible leaks under the bath, sinks, boiler and washing machines/ dishwashers.
You will be notified of the dates for the assessments so that access to your properties can be obtained.

Further details to follow.

Fibre Connection

Hyperoptic will have their fibre infrastructure connected to the BT Network in July, which will provide upload and download bandwidth of up to 100mb.
It has taken a long time to get to this position, but the result is that you will have the option to access one of the fasted networks in the City. A facility that we hope will be a selling point for the development and a contributory factor in rental and sales values.

Criminal damage & prosecution

You will be aware that we still had instances of front doors being kicked in and cars vandalised. Where the image has been caught on CCTV we are seeking prosecution for criminal damage. We will extend the CCTV system further this year which will hopefully improve security and prosecution rates.

For any person who forces the pedestrian or vehicle gates will will seek to prosecute for criminal damage.

All of these measures are designed to improve the safety and security in the development.


Our next newsletter will be in the Autumn, although we will continue to engage on specific areas were appropriate.

For further information on the management of Princes Gardens please login to


Rebloom support contact information

Hello from Rebloom your property management company.

Good communication and happy leaseholders is something that we take very seriously!

If you do not already have our customer support email address then here it is…

01625 569774 – the Rebloom support line 

Please contact our support network for any queries, issues or advice. We are here and happy to help!


Please read…

Hello from Rebloom your property management company.

Good communication and happy leaseholders is something that we take very seriously!

If you do not already have our customer support email address then here it is…

01625 569774 – the Rebloom support line 

Please contact our support network for any queries, issues or advice. We are here and happy to help!



This is our first newsletter for 2016-17, we will be sending out newsletters quarterly to keep you abreast of the issues, progress and finances in the development.

Contact details

To report a maintenance problem or incident please email
Please state the name of the development (Claremont House) and your flat number in the email.


Our office number is 01625 549774

In addition to our newsletter, you will be provided with details of a  secure web page which will contain further details relating to the development (eg: insurance).

Health & Safety Risk – Urgent!!

You will be aware that there are a number of cables on the wall and ground around the property. We have commissioned an electrical safety assessment and although we are still waiting to receive the final report, we have received an update to say that there are live cables in the garden that represent a risk of electrocution.

Until we notify you otherwise, please do not go near any cables and DO NOT allow your children to play in that garden.
The electricity connection is also within the bin store. Under no circumstances should anyone enter the bin store until it has been made safe.

At least one of the cables is connected to a coach house and the leaseholder has agreed to have it disconnected. Once disconnected we will retest the site and confirm if it is safe to use the garden and bin store.

If you sublet your apartment, please notify your tenants as soon as possible.

Maintenance plan for 2016-17

The following is our maintenance plan for the year. You will note that work on upgrading the gates is not included in the plan. We are however, committed to securing the development which does include working gates and will be obtaining quotes for the work which we hope to start next year when funds allow.

  • Re-decorate the two communal areas
  • Paint external ironwork
  • Paint the soffits & Bargeboard
  • clean gutters in the autumn (following leaf fall)
  • Items highlighted within the building survey should funds allow


Building Survey

To ensure we have a full understanding on the status of the building, we commissioned a structural survey. The report once received will be available to you.
From the report we intend preparing a 5 / 10 year maintenance plan. We would hope to fund this work by building a reserve fund each year and will share the plan and forecasted costs with you once completed.



The gardens have been re-planted and the rubbish dumped throughout the trees removed. Ongoing the grass will be cut and the borders weeded. Over time the shrubs will grown and provide a more uniform and pleasing landscaping scheme.

Dead and diseased trees have been removed and a beech hedge has been planted in front of the trees, screening off the damp area of the lawn, voids in the ground and again electricity cables. behind the hedge pyracantha and berberis has been planted to minise anyone going near the wall to the railway line.

We have taken what appears to be japanese knot weed samples for testing. One has come back as positive, but we are still waiting on a second test before taking action to have it removed. Removal will require specialist contractors and we will confirm if required.


There are 2 sky dishes on the roof. One is a makeshift ‘communal’ dish and the second supplies one flat only.
The ‘communal’ dish is not part of an approved sky communal system and cannot be upgraded. Therefore, the new SKYQ offering will not be available to tenants.
The option exists to install a SKYQ communal system, connecting all flats. The cost of which is £800 +vat.

We would appreciate your view on the upgrade, if you could please email if you do not want this upgrade to be made.



You will be aware from your recent demand that the service charge to 31 December 16 has remained unchanged. This is due to the high level of spend planned this year.

Committed spend to date is c£3800 and relates to the garden, building survey, insurance, cleaning & other recurring bills. (eg: electricity). The service charge receipts will contribute to the additional planned spend in the year. The current balance in the account is £3,400.

We will be taking legal action in the coming week to recover overdue service charges.

The ground rent demand for 2016 will be sent out shortly





Important information regarding plumbing and leaks in buildings

Dear Leaseholders,

One of the most common problems in blocks of flats is water leaking between floors and in serious instances flooding. This is something that as the Managing Agent we are concious and serious about. It is within our duty of care to prevent this from happening, this is why we conduct annual plumbing assessments on each property in other blocks we manage.

We would like to do the same within Deane Road.
It is important not only for a health and safety measure but also for insurance purposes. Insurers are more likely to pay out if the proper measures of prevention were put in place before an incident occurs.

The cost of a plumbing assessment is £60 per flat, this includes checking the behind the toilet, under the sink, under the bath, under the washing and the piping system and the production of a report. The cost will be met from the service charge budget.

Any leaseholder who chooses not to undertake a plumbing assessment carries the risk that the insurance company may not pay out in part or full on any claim.

We will be scheduling a plumbing assessment to take place in the early summer months in either July/August and would appreciate your support.

Any questions please email






Attention leaseholders do your tenants require a car parking space? Well we have just the thing!

Rebloom Ltd have got a fantastic offer that may interest the leaseholders of Malborough Street!

We have 7 car parking spaces in the secure underground basement of the Malborough Street building! Imagine how happy it could make your tenants to have their very own space for their car with CCTV and a roller shutter there is no need for worry for the safety of their cars!

For a bargain price of £85 a month!

Each tenant would receive a fob of their own and an allocated space number!

If you or anyone else you know may be interested in this fantastic offer…please contact Harriet at

HURRY before they all gooooo!



Management Request Form (DRW)

The call today at 12 noon was not attended, we will re-arrange and issue a conference call number rather than a hangout invite if this helps.

One of the items that was going to be discussed during the call was the need to implement a sub-let approval process. The details of which are below. Unfortunately there is an admin charge of £30 per flat which can be taken from the service charge account if you agree. If you don’t agree, please email
The information requested below and a further request for details of your tenants will be used to identify ‘vulnerable persons’ to the emergency services, compliance with the insurance conditions and in correspondence with the authorities should we have an incident.

Other items on the call include a potential reduction in the service charge later this year.

Hopefully speak soon.

Mike Carey



Sub-let approval process

Below is a request that is required to be completed annually by you if you are renting out your apartment.

The request is in line with the lease and approval will not be refused, providing;

  1. Your property has been maintained to a reasonable standard.
    ie: no complaints from tenants and actions within the plumbing assessment report have been actioned
  2. You or your tenants have not previously caused damaged to the communal areas
  3. Your service charge payments are not in arrears
  4. You comply with the current legislation for renting your property

On approval you will be requested to provide details of the tenants, their contracts, together with photographs. This to to ensure we know who resides within the building, can take maintenance requests from them and in the rare occasion criminal damage occurs, we are able to effectively prosecute. Upon change of tenancy you are required to complete the tenancy details again.

The objective of this process is to ensure that standards of all tenants and tenanted properties contribute to the ongoing improvement of the development and as a result your return on investment.

Unfortunately we are having to charge £30 per sub-let request to cover administration charges.
Should you let your property and fail to complete a sublet approval request, Rebloom Ltd will assign a £120 charge to your account and take alternative action to ensure compliance.


Management Update

Update on the long awaited fence

We had hoped that we could update you on a successful installation of the new fence.Screenshot_20160527-150054

The situation is that the fence has been installed but has also been vandalised by people trying to make an access route to Tesco’s.
We had requested that barbed wired was placed on the back of the fence, which wasn’t done.

We have asked RMG to repair the fence and put barbed wire in place.
We will plant ‘spinney’ bushes alongside the fence on both sides of the fence in the hope that it will deter people in the future.

On a more positive note…
The communal doors are looking a little shabby. We will be painting the outside of the communal doors this summer with the aim of ‘lifting’ the appeal of the development for new residents and visitors.




Princes Gardens – Leaseholder meeting invite

As a leaseholder in Princes Gardens you are invited to a leaseholder meeting.

Diary date: Tuesday 26th April 7pm
Location: Raddisson Blu Hotel, Liverpool
Duration: 2 hours


  1. Princes Gardens RTM
    1. Strategy & approach to delivery
    2. Freehold position and dates for extending the lease
  2.  Finances
    1. 2015-16 achievements
    2. 2015-16 expected outcome
    3. 2016-17 forecast
    4. Service charge position
    5. approach to recovering debt
  3. Leaseholder/ Tenant support
    1. Leaseholder obligations
    2. Management support options
  4. Maintenance/ Upgrades
    1. 2015-16 review
    2. 2016-17 planned maintenance schedule
      1. Gates
      2. CCTV
      3. Roof
      4. Drains
      5. Windows
      6. Fibre connectivity
    3. 5 year maintenance forecast
    4. Leaseholder support request
  5. Contacts & reporting issues
  6. AOB


We hope that you will be able to attend and look forward to seeing you on the 26th.



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